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Tack auction in Savannah

On June 9th we will be having a horse and tack auction at Savannah.
Horses will be sold aprrox. 6:00 p.m. If you are consigning a horse and
want it advertised let me know-we will get the word out. Commison on horses
is 7% or a $10.00 bid in. 15% on used tack, 20% on new tack-come early.
Jim would like to start selling tack at 4:30 or 5:p.m.

We are not responsible for any injury accident, damage or loss to rider, participant, spectators, animals or possessions. Everyone entering our property does so at his/her own risk.Children must be supervised by an adult at all time---and that adult is responsible for his/her/their safety. No smoking in the lounge or stall barn. No dogs within 50' of the building. All participants must have a dated release form on file. Please note: BOTH parents/legal guardians must sign for minor children.